MagazziniOz is a unique place which offers training and work experience to young people with particular difficulties
who would otherwise be excluded from the workplace

Set in the context of a bar, restaurant and an emporium selling high-end products and gifts, the strategic vision of MagazziniOz is encapsulated in the original strapline  “useful for sociey" , meaning being useful for the community and economically supporting social causes and initiatives.


MagazziniOz has in fact been involved in a range of social projects since its foundation.
MagazziniOz itself was founded by CasaOz, the charitable association that since 2007 has been offering hospitality and support to families with children who find themselves living the difficult experience of illness and disability. 


The main areas in which MagazziniOz operates in order to meet its social responsibility and inclusion objectives are:

  • MagazziniOz emporium for CasaOz;            

  • Training and work placement for disadvantaged people

(a) for young people with disabilities 
(b) for migrants


MagazziniOz provides training and work placement experience to young people with disabilities and difficulties, many of whom have benefitted from the services and support of CasaOz in their younger years.    As they approach young adulthood, MagazziniOz provides them with the continued support they need in order to gain access to the world of work.

MagazziniOz collaborates with an organization called “Cooperativa Orso” to help these young people gain a wide range of experience and skills in a number of key areas: working in the cafeteria and restaurant, cooking, cleaning, working in the emporium managing sales and interacting with customers, and managing product stock and logistics.    For some, it is a short-term experience, for others, a
longer-term career. 

And furthering its commitment to social responsibility and inclusion, MagazziniOz, with the additional support of Cooperativa Orso, has developed a training and work scheme for young migrants in Italy registered under international protection programmes.

The experience gained over the years of working with young people with a wide range of difficulties – from language and cultural integration issues to physical and mental disabilities - has enabled the development of an effective methodology and best practice approach. In the last few years there has been an increase in opportunities to support internationally protected migrants, three of whom have successfully transitioned from the MagazziniOz programme to full time contracts with other employers.   


This is not only a great success for the team at MagazziniOz but also a great example for other enterprises to follow .
In 2018, the UNHCR awarded the badge "WELCOME. Working for Refugee Integration" to MagazziniOz, in recognition of the significant commitment shown to promoting specific programmes for the integration of refugees into the local labour market.